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Slightly carbonated drink with vitamins that was created for physically active and people with intense mental activity.
The drink does not contain caffeine, taurine, artificial colorants or preservatives that are usually found in energy drinks.
Because the contents involve vitamins C, E, B3, B5, B6, B12, BRUM BRUM can be useful for everyone’s body.
One can has about half an amount of recommended *RDD of vitamins.
Brum Brum does not contain any preservatives.
Smaller amount of sugar compared to other drinks of this type.
*Recommended Daily Dose

About Us


A dream of BRUM BRUM was born to a man who puts business and extreme sports on the equally important shelf in his life.

When we were creating Brum Brum, that was the reason why we wanted to connect the things which are important both to physically active persons, and to people who are engaged in intense mental activity – health and satisfaction.

Natural juices and vitamins are the main elements of BRUM BRUM formula which was carefully purified. By dismissing artificially stimulating and energizing substances like caffeine or taurine, we intended that strength and agility would be restored by the substances that are essential to the functionality of a healthy body.

Brum Brum is meant for people who take the word “thirst” more seriously than a simple wish to have a drink.

Race Team

BrumBrum race team BrumBrum race team
Dainius Matijošaitis
Dainius Matijošaitis
 In autosports since 2007. First professional competition – “Omnitel 1000 km Race”. Highest achievements: Lithuanian Champion of Tour Racing, Champion and Prize Winner of Long Distance Tour Racing. Dainius is also a professional parachutist who performed more than 250 parachute jumps at the height of 4 kilometres. Speed provides you with the feel of freedom. Maybe that is the reason why it is so easy to develop…
Andrius Jasionauskas
Andrius Jasionauskas
In autosports since 2008. Number of countries crossed - 40. Number of prize winning places - 20. Highest achievement: A2000+ Class Lithuanian Champion of the 2012 Lithuanian Car Tour Racing Championship. A possibility to be involved in autosports is itself a dream come true for me. And even though car racing encouraged me to try myself out in water and quad racing, nothing can compare to the feeling when I am waiting for…
Jonas Poškus
Jonas Poškus
In autosports since 2004. Highest achievements: Champion title of “Fast Lap” 2012.  The best lap completion time of the day in “Time Attack Demo 2013” in Estonia. After the first amateur participation in the racing track I understood that I have a new hobby. At first, a will to drive just like my more experienced friends do, to know technical characteristics of a car, to learn a perfect way to control a car…